Bergamot & Basil

  • Citrusy, Fresh, Floral

    Refreshing and uplifting fragrance that combines the bright, citrusy notes of bergamot with the herbaceous, slightly spicy aroma of basil. The scent is invigorating and energizing , yet also soothing and calming. Imagine being in a lush herb garden on a sunny day. This is our “summer in the cup!”

    Top notes: Bergamot zest, green mandarin, cardamom

    Heart notes: Freesia, basil

    Base notes: Cedarwood, patchouli

    This fragrance contains fragrance and essential oils and is made with Certified natural origin ingredients and upcycled ingredients.

Salt Bay & Sage

  • Watery, Aromatic, Ozone, Musky

    A fresh, uplifting fragrance that evoques the crisp, briny scent of sea salt with the earthy, herbaceous aroma of sage. Sea salt provides a clean and refreshing quality to the fragrance, reminiscent of a day spent by the sea in the south of France. Sage on the other hand adds an earthy, slightly herbal, and sweet aroma that is both soothing and stimulating. This scent is often associated with the feeling of being outdoors, surrounded by nature.

    Top notes: Lavender, cypres

    Heart notes: Dewy rose, spring muguet

    Base notes: Sage, labdanum

    This fragrance contains fragrance and essential oils and is made with upcycled ingredients.

    Emotion: Energizing

Smoke & Roses

  • Woody, Leathery, Amber

    Intriguing and complex fragrance that combines the smoky and woody scent of burning ambers with the delicate and romantic aroma of fresh roses. The scent is deep, rich, and sensual. The smoky notes give this fragrance a hint of mystery and intrigue. Simply plenty of seduction.

    Top notes: Apricot, tuberose

    Heart notes: Suede, rose

    Base notes: Agarwood, tobacco leaves, labdanum

    This fragrance contains fragrance oil and is made with certified natural origin ingredients and upcycled ingredients.

    Emotion: Relaxing

Tuberose & Mimosa

  • Floral, Musky, Fruity, Woody

    Luxurious and elegant fragrance that unites the heady, white floral aroma of tuberose with the delicate, powdery scent of mimosa. The scent is rich, sensual, and romantic just like a bouquet of white blossoms with dew drops and shimmer. An opulent, intoxicating fragrance with a beautiful, warm and inviting character.

    Top notes: Mimosa, tuberose

    Heart notes: Jasmine, green rhubarb

    Base notes: Sandalwood, white musk, amber

    This fragrance contains fragrance and essential oils.

    Emotion: Happiness

Myrrh & Tonka

  • Powdery, Earthy, Oriental

    A symphony of enticing notes like no other. The deep, resinous notes of myrrh transport you to ancient lands, evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue. Paired with the comforting nuances of tonka bean, the fragrance takes on a creamy, vanilla-like sweetness that envelops your space with a cozy, romantic and sensual atmosphere.

    Top notes: Lavender

    Heart notes: Myrrh, Heliotrope, Guaicwood

    Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, Tonka, Suede