Burning a scented candle involves more than just lighting a wick. It is a mindful ritual that requires intention and meticulous care for every detail. Here are the steps recommended by Castle Fragrances to properly burn a scented candle:

1. Before burning:

    Choose the right candle with a scent that aligns with your desired mood or atmosphere.
    Plan to light your candles, meaning you know your candle will be lit for 2-3 hours. Always cut the wick before lighting a candle to a maximum height of 0.5 mm. By regularly trimming your wick, the candle will produce less soot and will ensure clean burn.
    Once you light your candle you must allow the entire surface of wax become liquid to avoid tunneling. This will take about 2 hours.

    2. During burning:

      Enjoy your lit candle, the fragrance and the ambiance it creates. When the surface of your candle is completely liquified do not burn for more than 1 hour. Never let the last cm of wax to burn as the flames may contact with the glass/tin and overheat the vessel. Once you are done enjoying the candle, extinguish the flame by using a candle snuffer or blowing out gently.

      3. After burning:

        Store candles in a dry place and at a room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat.

        4. Re-purpose your candle vessel:

          Once your candle is finished, we encourage you to reuse the vessel. You can reuse glass candle jars for drinking glasses and candle tins as storage for office supplies, craft accessories, or bath items. Use large glass candle jars as planters or vases for flowers.